Our Family

Our team is made up of nine individuals, some who work behind the scenes, some who work in the field, and some who seem to do it all. Don’t let the last names fool you, we’re all family here. Let us introduce ourselves.

Jerry Howson is our owner and operator. Our captain. Our big kahuna. We call him “Fred”. Having been in the business for over thirty years, he knows his stuff. Whether it is excavating a foundation, installing a window, or selling someone on why we should lift a house above his head, he can basically do it all. Want to meet him? Give us a call. We can make it happen.

Bruce Meredith has been a long time part of our family. Specializing in the installation of windows, doors, and siding, you may see Harry, as we affectionately call him, if you’re looking for a practical update to your home.

“Sholtzie”, as we know him, (Eric Bouchard to you folks) has been with us since he heard we have too much fun. Always the one to keep us on schedule, he adds structure to the chaos. Painting, siding, and windows are his expertise.

John Tersigni. The man, the myth, the beard. While some know him as John, and some know him as Santa Claus, we know him as the Big Ragu. John has been part of the Howson Home Renovations family for 20 years. While he started as technical support, these days he goes wherever he is needed. One of our main interior guys. Need a new kitchen? He’s your man.

Chris Nyman is a new hire we brought along for the ride in 2019. We had to coax him out of retirement, but Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Part of our foundation and framing work team, “Spanky” (as we like to call him) brings a bit of humour to some otherwise monotonous work sites.

Shannon Nyman was our other new hire in 2019. Our hardworking “Heidi” isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or to out-shine the men in the field.

Dan “Winger” Howson is a member who has recently returned to our foundation team. Acting as our in-house skeptic, Dan makes sure that we have considered all of our option before committing to a plan of action.

Ashley Howson is one of our seldom seen workers. She’s been around the company, practically, since it’s inception. While mainly behind the scenes, she’s been known to make an appearance in all areas of the company.

Katie Howson is our last (but not least) family member. Behind the scenes, Mama Kate stays on top of the necessary (but often mundane) tasks that keep the company running smoothly. While you likely won’t meet her on the job, we’re all at ease knowing that she gets the job done.

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